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Vision Within Art |  Colourful Art Paintings, London Landscape Art, Animal Art, Children’s Colourful Art and Feel Good Quotes

Welcome to my homepage. See my colourful art paintings, art prints, London Landscape art, great animal art and my words of wisdom, hidden within my art paintings.  My name is Lisa Levine and I am an artist, with a unique concept to bring more colour to the world through my art paintings. If Colourful Art Landscapes of well known tourist destinations, from London Landmarks to American hot spots are your thing, then look no further than Vision Within Art. I have great animal art prints and the feel good quotes all set to liven up your home interiors. Just click the link to my shop which can be found on Etsy.  My aim is to bring a unique twist and the wow factor to your home or office, or in fact anywhere and everywhere!  In the meantime feel free to have a look at my paintings in my art gallery. 

My main inspiration to create colourful art paintings that are as unusual as mine, was when I wanted to decorate my house. Wherever I looked, I simply couldn’t find any paintings that stood out enough.This left me with one solution. To start painting myself.  That was the moment Vision Within Art was born.

Getting my house was a huge achievement for me, so having paintings that were unique in my home, was very important to me. So If like me, you want something completely different, like a one off special edition art piece, I am  happy to create a wonderful and colourful painting just for you. Read about how I manage art commissions here.

the flowers of red square by vision within art creator lisa levine

My Vision Within Art Technique

I work with a variety of vivid coloured acrylic paints on canvas, from yellows and reds, to greens and purples. I even throw metallic paint in to each artwork, to provide some differentiation. The plan is to make certain points in each painting stand out slightly. Each painting I create, has a painstaking amount of detail to it.Each painting requires more than hour or two of my time. Usually on average and due to the technique I use, the time it takes could be anything from one week up to a month. This depends on size of each art painting and how much detail is needed in each piece. The minute details are built up over time, which can be seen in my colourful gallery.

On an individual level, I feel everyone one the planet needs to celebrate their unique personality traits. For me when I paint, having a concept was truly important to me and without this concept, my colourful art creations would be similar to works of other artists.  If a person wants an identical replica of a certain landmark, take a photo. On the other hand, if you want your landmarks to be recognisable but have an extra twist, wow factor, and dimension to them, call or email me!!

To summarise, I aim to challenge my viewers eyes by not only making the backgrounds of each art painting piece a whirlwind of colour, but also the main centrepiece IE the’ Vision’ of each painting, as colourful and bright as possible. This would create an illusion and magic eye affect, creating the Vision Within Art brand.



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