There comes a time in life where you realise that it is time to give something back to the world. If it is not the world, then a cause that makes your heart happy. For me, that is The Christie Hospital which is in my hometown of Manchester, England.

There will always be people who are better off than you. They will have fancy cars (and not just the one) and even fancier homes. Mansions where you could swing ten cats around!(Now I’m not advocating this!!) But for all the people who have more than you, there will also be people who have less than you. People who live hand to mouth, or people whose minds are at war with themselves.  They have no inner peace . The one thing that we are all equal with in this world is our health. As a quote junkie lover I always saying to people, YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR WEALTH.


So when your health fails and you find you have the biggest fight of your life on your hands,we all need the heroes of The Christie Hospital in Manchester to turn to. The place where a complete person centred care package is offered to every single person, who needs cancer treatment. The Christie who is also at the forefront of medical treatment and research, with the Proton Therapy Treatment they provide for patients who need it.

I saw the plight of The Christie Hospital, when I found out there had been a fire in the research centre. This could potentially set the progress of their research back by many years. The damage was very tragic, in that their imaging machines to analyse individual cells for cancer were thought to be damaged and also the DNA sequencing machines. For more information on the fire you can read more on the Manchester Evening News Website.

It was at this point where I decided to email the charity and raise money by donating to them an art painting by  myself. This was going to be my very first art commission. So the charity fundraisers suggested I paint a picture of the Christie Hospital itself and, the embrace symbol also. So me, being me, the idea I came up with was pure magic. (even if I do say so myself!!)

After looking at the hospital structure and embrace symbol, I realised I could make the painting reversible. The idea being that if you view it one way and you can see the hospital, but if you turn it upside down, you will see the embrace symbol. At the very last minute when the awful bombing in Manchester occurred, I felt it was poignant to include the Manchester Bee, instead of my idea beforehand which was the earth.

Landscape painting of Manchester's The Christie Hospital by visionwithinart creator Lisa Levine  The embrace symbol of the Christie hospital in Manchesterthe christie hospital in manchester

My only hope is that when my artwork auctioned off at the Charity Gala, it raises a fortune for a brilliant cause. The Christie people are HEROES. That includes the oncologists, the researchers, the nurses and the people who keep the hospital clean and safe.




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