I Am All About Positive Art PR this year. That is my Forever Mantra  Also To Get it Done and Make it Happen!!

So we have finally made it into the year 2018 and slowly but surely I am starting to get positive art PR Paintings. We aren’t even halfway through January and already it has been an epic start to the year!  Now I am not saying, the whole world knows about me, but I think I am making really good headway at this moment in time. So before I continue, I will give myself a pat on the back! This year seems to have a really good vibe to it and I don’t feel nearly as angry and annoyed, as when I wrote my Angry Artist Article

The Three Qualities you Need to get Positive Art PR

So Rome was never built in a day, we have all heard that. For me Vision Within Art has a heart centred ethos right at the core of it, and this for me was creating my Manchester Art Tribute, which aims to support The I Love Manchester Emergency Fund, though sales of my Manchester Art Prints. Once again, you can read the ins and outs, with the ups and downs to trying to spread my message in my angry artist article.

Quality Number One for Positive Art PR

Courage and courage with a capital C. The idea came to me quite a while ago to create my tribute, but I must confess at times, I have been riddled with nothing but pure doubt. I have been terrified to approach local Manchester media as I have put my heart and soul into producing my Tribute. Some where along the lines, I have quite literally had to man up. To bite the bullet and do it. So just this week, after quite a bit of manning up, I got the result I wanted. I Love Manchester are supporting my Tribute. This means so much to me and also shows how having courage is a positive thing.

Quality Number Two for Positive Art PR

Along with Courage, hard work is also necessary. There will parts of  your journey where getting your art known by the masses will require tedious things to be completed. For me, I have had to put a ton of effort into creating a vast amount of choice of art for my Manchester people. And then presenting it all very nicely on my Etsy shop. This means getting my art in a frame, then in a room. After that then listing it and then putting it on my art shop on my website. Before I know it, the whole weekend has gone. So lots of hard work, but this is something I really don’t mind.


Part of my Manchester art Tribute by vision within Art

Quality Number Three You need for positive Art PR

Listening to others is essential. We all have ideas that become our hopes and dreams. At the same time, as an individual, I have to admit I don’t everything. To fill them gaps, I find listening to others really does help. There is one particular group on Facebook that I am a member of. Its called soulful PR and is run by a PR guru called Janet Murray. In one of her podcasts she has advised to do the Pressloft two month trial. From that, one of my art pictures will be in a magazine called round and about in February. I am following a lot of her advice and also now have a marketing plan in action, to coincide with key dates this year, such as the Royal Wedding.

Another Way I got Positive Art Pr

When I was feeling Angry last year, I had a bit of a rant, as sometimes I have  felt  completely on my own setting up my Vision Within Art and making it a going concern. There is a lot I need to do myself, but somethings I can’t do everything alone. This means on occasion you need to be able to lean on others. I found this in Helpfulpeeps. The idea is you ask for help on something you need or cant do, and someone in the helpfulpeeps community comes back to you with ways they can help you. Its a completely epic idea, so now a Manchester blogger will be hosting an article I have done on my Manchester art Tribute on her Website.

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