Exhibiting at my local Istanbul Grill in Prestwich

So continuing from my struggle to get my artwork into some local galleries, I decided a plan of change was called for. Now I am not into flogging a dead horse and I am definitely a believer that time is precious. So time must be spent wisely.

Maybe one day, I may CHOOSE to have my work put into a gallery, but it will be from a standpoint where the decision is mine and in an ideal world, it will be a gallery that finds me. If this doesn’t happen though I won’t lose any sleep over it though. When push gets to shove, an art gallery needs to be just as proud of my work as I am. The art gallery should not have my work hidden in a corner like its something to be ashamed of.

At the end of the day I know the man hours, or should I say woman hours that has gone in to each and every painting, I have lovingly brought to life. Each painting that I have done my utmost to make as perfect as I possibly can.

So the new plan of attack is generally this. a mathematical equation to be precise

Find a wall in a public place + get restaurant owners permission to hang up my paintings. I will add my contact details including my phone number and website to each piece + a price of sale. Then I will wait for my phone to ring or an email to drop into my inbox.

Lastly replicate this in as many restaurants as possible within the remits of production and demand, and hopefully this will get the vision within art on the map. Cross them fingers for me and feel free to go down to my local Istanbul grill in Prestwich to see the actual paintings being exhibited.

For close ups of my artworks, that can be viewed here, click the following links:

The Giraffes

The Flight of the Phoenix

Manchester Selfridges and Corn Exchange

Manchester the Shambles and Corn Exchange



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