1. What inspires you as an artist?

Now that is a question. I could write a PhD thesis on this, but even If I did I would want to be painting. As you probably know by now, A good quote makes me happy. My very first artwork that made me think I had a skill as an artist was few based on well known quotes that cheered me up when I’ve had stressful times in my life. My hope is that if quotes can pick me up, my art paintings will do the same for others too. Check out my Winners Never Quit artwork. That was my very first painting. I woke up in the mood to paint and after that I was addicted!!

2. What else inspires you?

Here is a memory of mine that stayed with me for quite a while, before I even decided to do my art again. The painting at the top of this is tulips in a field. Many moons ago I would do a bit of cleaning work whilst I was trying to find my goal in life. I remember I used to go and clean a Russian lady’s house and on the wall there was the most beautiful painting of tulips in a field. This painting had every colour imaginable in it. Red’s , yellow’s , green’ sand many more. That piece stayed with me for years in my mind’s eye and one day, I decided I wanted to do something similar. This painting of my own is in my kitchen and that was generally one of the first paintings to ever inspire me.

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