It wasn’t so long ago that I rediscovered my love of painting art. Probably about two years ago. All my life I have wanted to paint, but the type of work I would come across was things like portraits of the Mona Lisa or or Renoir’s crowds of people, in paintings such as Le Moulin de la Galette or La Grenovillere. This in itself has always, to some extent intimidated me. The reason for this is that I know that doing portraits of people in this classical style, is not playing towards my strengths as an artist or is what my Vision Within Art is about. (Painting art portraits of ¬†people is a pure skill in itself)

So after a lot of soul searching later, and knowing I had a few blank canvases in my spare room, I decided to take the plunge and pick up my paintbrushes. Skipping forward a few years,after lots of blood, sweat and tears, I felt I had found the art concept that I was about. The thing that was me and encompassed my beliefs, goals and dreams for the future.

As an emerging artist, all we ever really want is Gallery representation, so I can continue painting art for the rest of my life. Not only this but you tend to cling on to whatever crumbs of positivity that are thrown your way. So on the advice a gallery near me, I decided to visit an art dealer in the centre of Manchester. I had my heart in my mouth and yes I felt nervous, as no one wants their work to be rejected and yes, it does take guts and courage to put yourself out there, but its a case of the biggest risk in life sometimes is not trying at all.

So in I go with some of my best artworks, The Taj Mahal, The Flight of the Phoenix, my latest Christie piece and The boats in the Harbour, to name a few. Whilst describing each art painting to the art dealer, I could see that halfway through he had a look of pure boredom in his face. I looked around the room and I could see some very good artworks, which were a lot more sedate then what I create. He told me that the more sedate works were what people want in their rooms,photographic paintings, as that is what the general public buy and what he had been selling his whole life. I got the impression, that he found my artwork a joke, especially when I asked if he wanted to see my Manchester piece. He actually refused to look at it.

To be continued ……………………………………………………..



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