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My Colourful Art work – I’m not for change

So in I go with some of my best colourful art works, The Taj Mahal, The Flight of the Phoenix, my latest Christie piece and The boats in the Harbour, to name a few. Whilst describing each art painting to the art dealer, I could see that halfway through he had a look of pure boredom in his face. I looked around the room and I could see some very good artworks. They were a lot more sedate then what I create. He told me that the more sedate works were what people want in their rooms,photographic paintings, as that is what the general public buy. This is what he had been selling his whole life.

I got the impression, that he found my artwork a joke, especially when I asked if he wanted to see my Manchester piece. He actually refused to look at it, saying ‘enough already’. In a nutshell, I did tell him I wasn’t going to change my style, as I am the colour commander and I have to like what I produce. I even went as far as saying I am an individual and my colourful art is my thing and my concept. Life has taught me that you can’t please all the people all the time.

I must confess, I did feel deflated.  I had lugged my art work all the way through the town centre of Manchester. This art dealer’s gallery was also very hard to find. So considering all the effort I made to visit this guy, coupled with how rude and impatient he was regarding my artwork,( not to mention all the effort, thought and painstaking detail that goes into each and every colourful art painting I produce,) I did feel like giving up. To hang up my paintbrushes or to start doing more ‘sedate’ art paintings.

How to cope with people rejecting your artwork

So I went home and decided to see how other people cope when their artwork is rejected. I found a group on Facebook called Painter in You, where I discussed the day. One person mentioned how the Beatles had been rejected, as it was thought their music wouldn’t sell. Other people on the site said I would need to toughen up, perserve and and keep going, or as Dory from Disney would say, keep on swimming. Art is a very subjective thing, to each person, so what one person likes, another person may dislike. The real challenge is to get my colourful art works in front of the people who like my work.

Conclusion of the day

So to conclude , like the featured image of my painting , Which Path Would you Choose? , one car with a bad attitude would be led along the road of self destruction. The car with the positive attitude would continue plugging away. Hopefully being the positive car will get the positive results depicted in this featured image.

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