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Introducing the Angry Artist

Lately I have found that I am becoming pretty frustrated and I hate to say it but I am officially an angry artist. This is also leading me to become a very tired artist too, as I feel like I am banging my head against a brick wall, and not making progress and this is starting to gut me. Now, I don’t want to become one of those people, who is continually ranting about everything, but when you are trying to make a difference in the world and you are being ignored, well then the angry artist has to speak up, so I do need to be heard.

I appreciate that some of it may be down to the fact that I don’t have a clue on a lot things, such as how to set up my Etsy shop and link it to my website.  Ecommerce is another arena as well, but in my defence, I am trying to learn and trying to learn fast, as one should just try and persevere, try and persevere and repeat until things happen

I have Worked So Hard to Create the Manchester Art Tribute

So after the terror attack at the Manchester arena, I decided to create a Manchester Art Tribute. Read More about this, here and here and also here.  The general idea, is that five paintings make up the tribute. The two that raise the most money will have the profits go to the Manchester Emergency Fund. I am doing this, as I feel it in my core to give something back to the world and to help people. All one has to do when they look at my art paintings is see, that I put in one hell of an effort to create each Manchester artwork,

For example the Manchester Shambles and Corn Exchange painting measures in at 36 inches in width, by 24 inches in Length. Let me tell each and every one of you, that this WAS NOT completed overnight. Nor did it take me a week to complete, or two weeks to complete, but a hell of a lot longer then that. Aside from this I also work full time to, so it is essentially my spare time that is used to complete my paintings. This does not leave a lot of down time for me. Just check out the thought and detail, that has gone, not only into this art painting but literally all the other paintings that make up the tribute, itself. This is Another reason why I am now officially an angry artist.

Some more Hard work by the Now Angry Artist

People may just think it is all dead simple to create the tribute, but it really ISN’T. Here is the process involved to actually launch a tribute, as I know it.

So once each painting is completed and I am completely happy, I take them along to my photographer who takes high resolution digital images of them. Then because I know variety is the spice of life, I have created alternative shades of each painting, ranging from black and white pictures through to the real rainbow style images.

Each new image then needs to be saved, and named as well. I also then need to compress each file and the best one I have found is here.

After that people want to see what the image will look like in a room, so I found a website that does the trick here. But this will be every image from the black and white art paintings to the coloured ones, and everything else in between.


An Angry Artist who has worked so Hard

I really don’t want to go into to much more detail as to why I have become an angry artist and why I feel hacked off, but do people really know how long it takes to create just one listing on Etsy? I have spent weekends listing items on Etsy and then listing them on my website. I have spent time hoping I am doing it right, trying to get the SEO right by paying attention to the small details. I have had headaches after whole weekends on the computer, before having to start the working week again. So I haven’t even really had a break to just relax.

Then I have had to come up with prices for my art prints in various sizes, depending on if they are framed or not. The high resolution pictures have had to be shared on google drive with my Giclee Printer. Then I have also had to list all my pictures on Facebook on my business page.

Sometimes Life is just Plain Hard

So I decided to call the Manchester Art Tribute thing the Six Month Challenge. After all the background work was in place, having done it to the best of my abilities and knowledge, I wanted it to be spectacular, so I created a slideshow. Now to do this I used something called Canva.

Doing a slideshow is something I have never done before and as we all know, if you don’t have a clue, things seem to take a lot longer to complete.  On the slideshow I composed so much information on what I wanted to achieve with the 6 Month Challenge. To get the wording just right, I put so much thought and effort into it. The plan being, to get people through to my etsy shop and my website. I put all the links on the slide show. I asked people to tag and share the slideshow. In the end did many people do this?? The answer is no. So this is why I am now an Angry Artist. This is why I am writing this.


Introducing the Angry Artist – Who will never give up

So I put all this effort in, and it wasn’t for my own gain.  It was to help not just the Manchester Emergency Fund, but to raise awareness, over how bad terrorism is and the actual devastation to peoples lives, that it causes. I sincerely have wanted to do a good deed for Manchester. The eventual goal being to use my artwork as a way to  gain awareness, world wide. So yes, this has all made me so angry. Hence me now calling myself the Angry Artist, as I really am feeling angry at this moment in time. This has actually made my blood boil, and I really do need to be heard, with what I have got to say.

If people can tag and share daft jokes by LadBible, why people cannot tag and share the 6 month Challenge of My Manchester Art Tribute, is completely beyond me. I have contacted local media people, such as I Love Manchester and Lovin Manchester, only to get no response. I actually thought these people would bite my hand off to help me, raise money for the fund.  I generally feel, all the effort I have put into this has been a waste of my time. At times, I feel like I have been kicked in the face, as I can only do so much by myself. There are only so many times I can ask people to help, and I really do believe, that I am not asking a lot from people. I feel like I have completely misjudged everyone out there, and that is the really sad thing.

Best Wishes From the Angry Artist and also the now deflated artist.

But Also the Artist who will never give up.


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