Dear Art Gallery Owner.

If you happen to come across this post, know that what I write is from the heart. You don’t know me yet, but I am the creator of the Vision Within Art Brand.  As an established art gallery, you will probably never have heard of before me, as I am currently at the stage of trying to get known by you.

If the God of the internet (google) doesn’t know me, I am not sure how your art gallery will find me. I suppose the only way you would find me, is if I submit my work to you via email. But as I know, and as you know, life is very busy for both of us, and I can only imagine, you receive thousands of emails everyday, so what are the chances of making my email stand out from the rest??

The Joys of Social Media

So maybe emailing might be out of the question, but my persistent brain says, what about social media??There is after all Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and probably loads more. I’m not even sure what Swarm is, so no doubt, I will stick with the popular ones. The problem is all the artists on the planet are all the social media, also trying to get noticed by the esteemed art gallery owner. Lots of us are submitting our very best works for you to take a look at.  Maybe, one day you will find me, Vision Within Art . Potentially it could be my lucky day, that is if you like what you see.

Self Belief and Persistence

I am prepared for rejection, as too some point, art is very much down to personal taste. Either you like it or you don’t. Do I have more chance of winning the lottery? I would probably say no, as I am quite a headstrong person.  To some extent we all make our your own luck. I’ve also learnt that one needs to believe in themselves, so if you don’t potentially like what you see, I will be gutted. After licking my wounds for a while, I will pick myself up, eventually.

But, please know that, behind the artworks that I submit to you, there is a person with hopes and dreams. A person who will be biting her nails down to nothing. This person has a plan in mind to grab your attention and that really does take courage……..


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