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continued from Interviewing the Colour Commander

Where Do you get your Art Inspiration from?

Art is one of the oldest languages there is. Anyone who has the gift of sight knows the joy of viewing something that is pleasing to there eye. I tend to get a lot of my Art Inspiration from both the old greats and also the new movers and shakers that are on Instagram and Facebook. At the same time it is important to find your own way as well,to stay completely original.

Robert Delauney for Art Inspiration

Robert Delauney is an artist whose work I admire. A lot of his artworks are known for the geometric shapes that he uses and he is also renowned for his use of bright colours. He was a french painter , who co-founded an art movement called Orphism. Some of the elements in his paintings such as Circular Forms and Decoration for the Salon des Tuileries can be seen in my paintings to such as my Manchester Artworks and The Adventure of the boat.

Fernand Leger for Inspiring my Art

Fernand Leger, another french painter whose works have a very graphical element to them, with sharp lines that are accentuated in a horizontal and vertical style. This can be seen in The Builders artwork which has a very linaer approach to it. Elements of this are a tell tale sign in My Flowers of Red Square.



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