As an emerging artist, you have probably heard me say a thousand times already that it is like being on a mad rollercoaster. The only difference is on this rollercoaster, I don’t want to get off, where as if it was a real rollercoaster, I would be a complete mess. Every time I need a pick me up, when the going gets tough I will read this testimonial, that has given me the will to continue, so I can achieve my dream to earn a living in my dream job. I was initially going to say, to become an artist, but that happened ages ago!!!


This is my take on “Vision Within Art”.

It is a collection of paintings by Lisa Levine, a young lady with an eye for vibrant colours and a juxtaposition of light and colour. Lisa’s paintings contain many public landmarks, especially of Manchester, England where she lives. At times, Lisa will produce a body of work of animals, and on occasion, purely abstract shapes and colours.

Lisa is self taught, not being trained in the arts, but has a zest for her work and what it represents. What energises Lisa’s paintings is the painter’s awareness of the constant struggle between the actual and the virtual. This play between reality and artifice has always been Lisa’s concern. Lisa is not concerned with the actual representation of a building, but a kaleidoscope of colour which on the surface, seems to bear no relationship to the subject she has just painted. It is only when you look deep into her work, will you see the master subject she has painted. Lisa is challenging you, as an observer, to seek out the image.

I find this more interesting than just looking at a painting where the subject matter is in plain view. At first, the paintings and Lisa’s interpretation of the subject may look chaotic, but like those 3D images of the 1990’s where you had to “squint” to see the image; Lisa draws your eyes into her paintings till the subject reveals itself. In a grey and frightening world, Lisa’s burst of vibrant colour of acrylic paint is a thing to behold. There is a quality and simplicity to Lisa’s vision of the world around her, and I for one, love her body of work.

Mike Masterton

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