Following on from Dear Art Gallery Owner

Dear art critic.

I know the competition in the world of art is fierce. Everyone has jumped on the bandwagon to paint.One only has to go into shops like The Works, to see that all the canvases are sold out.  It may be a hobby for some, but for others including myself, it is a career change, that I am undertaking.

Dear art critic

Please know that, what I am doing requires a shed load of courage. Trying to get found on google is a job in itself, and even if I do get found there is a lot of competition that,I will be up against. One thing I do know is that, the work that I, Visionwithinart produce is a process in itself. To create my art masterpiece, I literally have to watch paint dry.

Dear art critic

Recently I submitted my work to the Liverpool Art Fair. For one reason or another, be it the competition  in the art industry or not being the style of art the judges are looking for, I did not make the cut. One thing I will not accept though, is that my artwork is not good enough. Despite this, the rejection was still gut renching, as to have secured a place in the Liverpool Art Fair, would have meant my work would have got ten weeks of exposure to the general public.

Dear art critic

My artwork is good enough, but the one thing that I am finding very frustrating is, trying to get feedback. Obviously from your view point you cannot reply to everyone, as I’m sure loads of people want feedback, but to be on the receiving end of rejection, with no idea of what you did right or wrong, is a tiring game. The one skill, I will never gain in my art career is that of being telepathic.

On that note, my artwork is good enough, but I’m blooming useless at telepathy!!

Best wishes, visionwithinart.



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