The Final Countdown to my Vision Within Art Exhibition.

Greetings colour lovers! Time flies and it flies so fast, that my first Official Vision Within Art Exhibition at the Parralax Art Fair is nearly upon me. On the run up to this Art Fair, I haven’t been that nervous, but the nerves have kicked in as I type this out!!

Previously in my chats about going down to the smoke, I set myself a to do list, which can be seen here . Some of the things on the to do list have been completed, such as getting my business cards done, but do I have enough cards. How long is a piece of string?

Is my website E Commerce for my Vision Within Art Exhibition?

Well not at the moment as I underestimated how long it would take to set up my shop which is on Etsy. I have had to get images of how my art paintings would look in a frame. Then I have had to present all my paintings as how they would look in a room. And the list goes on and on and on!! In a nutshell it has taken for ever to do, as for some of the time I haven’t even had internet access. (I was changing my service provider, so had no internet for about a week!!

Preview of My Art in A Room

So my Etsy Shop is Called Vision Within Artwork. Original or what! I am a huge colour lover, as some of you will know by now, but I appreciate that not everybody I come across loves colour as much as I do, so the plan has been to have different scales of colour, so Vision Within Art and the positive messages in my paintings, can be more personalised and customised to an individuals taste.

I will be introducing the Colour Courage Ometer, in the very near future, so art lovers will be available to place themselves on a scale of how colour courageous they are, or aren’t!!

So I still have to set up my Facebook shop, but already people are saying how lovely my art paintings are, so do stay tuned for an update on how I get on at the Vision Within Art Exhibition in London.

Finally here are the paintings that have made the cut for my very first Art Exhibition!

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