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Year in Art

So I have had a year in art, with mixed results, but I am learning all the time. I went to Chester for the day, back at the beginning of 2017. Before this I was consumed with so much doubt, as whether my art paintings were any good. Having completed my Manchester Shambles and Corn Exchange Art Work in January of that year,and then my Selfridges in Manchester Art Painting, I was still riddled with huge doubts about my artistic abilities. We all know if we doubt ourselves, then other people won’t really believe in us either. So in Chester at a gallery called the Silver Star Gallery, a lady actually told me, I did have a great skill and other artists who were painting similar works to me, were doing really well. From here on in, my attitude started to change. I can’t even remember the ladies name, but I thank her for her words of encouragement.

A year in art – project Christie Hospital

As I touched on at the beginning, I have always lacked a certain amount of confidence in my ideas. Over the past year in art, back in April, there was a fire at the Christie Hospital . Here is a place that helps people diagnosed with cancer. One of my ideas was to produce an art painting of the hospital itself, and have it auctioned off at one of their charity galas. Initially I wanted to produce art prints in various sizes of the original piece to raise money for the Christie.

One thing that held me back was, people saying, that my idea would not work. So with life taking over, this idea was put on the back burner.  I am now ready to pick up this project. I now have a more solid plan in mind. Products such as Christie Cups, and Christie Cushions will be available this year, so stay tuned.

After A Year in Art, I have Learnt About What Vision is all About

The complete Ethos of Vision Within Art is to bring good to the world. This is needed more than ever, especially after the terrorist attack in Manchester.  This inspired me to create my Manchester art tribute. Having learnt some lessons along the way, I have struggled to get it  going.

I have tried to get my work into the Corn Exchange and get local media involved, but I am now an angry artist, who is sick of being ignored. The results are I am struggling, but I am prepared to push it, as it is important to me, to help in some way. So with all that I am learning about PR, so please stay tuned, as my next year in art, is going to be different. I will make sure of that, if it is the last thing I do.

What Have I Learnt after my Year in Art?

The answer to that is lots. The main lessons, I have learnt include, you need to be very persistent. One needs to consider the postage stamp, as it stays glued to a letter, until it gets to where it needs to be.

I also need to continue to be more confident, and I would say this to other artists out there as well. Believe in yourself. Do not let people and negativity, stop you from following your dreams.

Never put your eggs in one basket. I had real high hopes for the Parralax Art Fair, but it wasn’t the positive experience I thought it was going to be.

Always pick yourself up, because you need faith. The recipe for success is persistence, talent and a PMA way of doing things.

What does the next year in art hold for me??

I am preparing my application for the Manchester Bee Trail and I will be looking to build relationships with local media people. So by this time next year I will hopefully be buzzing like a bee. Stay tuned for my progress, my friends.

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