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Exhibiting at the London Art Fair – The Parralax

continued from my previous article.

Right so I am back from the London Art Fair and I must say, It was a learning experience and then some! In all honesty, there were good points to showcasing my at the event, but there were also some difficulties that I couldn’t help but notice.

Positive points to attending the art fair.

  1. It was great to get feedback from the general public. I met some really nice people, who absolutely loved how I used my paints to create the effect I was aiming for.
  2. I feel like I have learnt how to talk to people I don’t know about my art paintings, such as telling them what inspires me and my process of creation.
  3. While at the London Art Fair, I could see how other artists used the space they were given, in an effective way. The other exhibitors had things like folders with a variety of sizes of paintings and art prints of their work, so I could say I have learnt a few tricks of the trade!

To give a balanced point of view:

The downfalls of attending the London Art Fair

  1. I found out that over the weekend that the Affordable Art Fair was on at the same time. It begs the question that, if this wasn’t the case would more people have come to the Parralax?
  2. The geography wasn’t great, as the commute from Manchester to London and then to the Parralax at Chelsea Town Hall was a tiring expedition in itself, only to have to do it all, vice versa on the Sunday. Lots and lots of lugging art paintings around. Suffice to say I am worn out now!
  3. I couldn’t help but wonder about the motives of the general public who came to the London Art Fair. I would say a lot of the people attending were just there to look at the art paintings,and not necessarily there to purchase art.

Would I do it again?

I can definitely say I have learnt tons from doing the Parralax, but I am not sure I would travel down to London again to do the Parralax again. I would consider doing an art fair a lot closer to home, as the commuting was very tiring. It has helped my confidence and dare I say my ego/self esteem as I could genuinely tell that people loved my art paintings. I have a few ideas up my sleeve in the coming months, which I am really excited about.

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