The Adventure of the Boat | Landscape

Can you guess the Vision Within Art that I have tried to capture in this acrylic painting? Can you see how my love affair with positive quotes has had an effect on the work I produce?.See if you can find the Vision Within one of my very first paintings.

Man cannot discover new lands unless he has the courage to move away from the shore. These are the wise words of a man called Andre Gide. Therefore after seeing this quote on the world wide web, I knew instantly that it was a quote I could live by. In fact, the quote itself has had such a profound effect on me, and not to mention how it has helped me through difficult times in my life, that I knew I had to put paint had to canvas . The resulting conclusion was to paint a boat on the high seas sailing away from the shore, to discover the resplendance of India’s Taj Mahal,  a wild panda, New York’s majestic Statue of Liberty, and also the windmills of Amsterdam.

At the time when I was creating this painting, I was debating using a similar quote that is this: Smooth waters never made a great sailor. In all honesty I am probably going to find a way to use this quote in future pieces of art I create. This piece of artwork though was definitely necessary, as if I hadn’t done this artwork I never would have discovered my skill in painting urban landscapes.

Taking a step in a new direction may be difficult at times but without change, you will not grow as an individual and if no one ever tried to venture further afield, lots of questions in life would remain unanswered.  That in itself is to sad to contemplate.

The Adventures of the Boat has definitely inspired the artworks I have created there after. One would say, this piece has been a transformative project for me.

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