Boats in the Harbour – A Very Blue Art Painting by Vision Within Art

Vision Within Art

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See the boat art print, that is very blue in their harbour and imagine a peaceful moment in time captured in this pretty little marina in the Canary Islands. Known as the Puerto de Mogan, the government has ensured that all the building in this pretty little fishing villiage are no higher than two stories high. See the boats gently nestled peacefully in the harbour, and know that there are places in the world where the pace of life is less busy and a lot less stressful. I want the viewer to feel serenity when they look at this painting. I want the viewer to feel like there are still places to go to, in the world to escape the rat race of the world. How many boats in this painting can you see and more importantly, do you wish you were here?

This landscape artwork was lovingly created using acrylic paint on canvas, with a dash of metallic silver to ensure the water had a glistening and reflective effect to it.  I have ensured my signature style of bright, primary colours will keep the interest of the viewer and make it instantly recognisable as a Vision Within Art painting. As an artist, when I first started painting vehicles that make travelling easier were part of my idea development, so to see a boat on more choppy seas, do take a look at my painting which is titled, The Adventure of the Boat

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