The Streets of Chester Town Centre Art | The Chester Collection

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The Streets of Chester Town Centre Art

Sometimes we all need to take a step back in time. Be transported back to the 1800s with my Chester Town Centre Art Painting.  Weighing in at a cool 16 inches width by 12 inches length, note that this art painting took me ages to complete especially because I am a perfectionist.

To complete The Streets of Chester Town Centre Art, it was a struggle as there was so much detail to put into the painting but due to the size of the canvas, not much room for manoeuvre. So in a nutshell, this painting really did test me to the limit, but I do like a challenge! This Chester Painting will be accompanying me to the Parralax Art Fair in October.

The Process of Creating my Chester Art in Pictures

My Inspiration for the Above Art Painting

And the inspiration behind my Chester Artwork can be seen in the pictures below. It was during this trip to the old fashioned city of Chester, that a lady in one of the galleries told me I did have talent. This in itself was a turning point for me, as it was a definite vote of confidence for me.

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