A Herd of Elephant | Animals

My elephants in the herd are available as prints that can be framed and ready to hang, just by clicking the link here.

Here is the herd of my colourful Elephants Painting. Of all the wild animals that can be found on safari, I¬†have found I have an affinity with the grandest animal known to man – the wise elephant.There is something breath taking about these magnificent creatures. As the Vision Within Art Creator symbolism is very important to me.To the ancient Hindu’s the elephant is found in the form of Ganesha. Ganesha symbolizes luck, protection and good fortune. Other cultures see the elephant as a cosmic creature. To read more about the amazing symbolism, check this out

About my Colour Elephants Painting

Elephants are known for roaming the wild in a herd, as a team, and as you can see in my colourful elephants painting, mine are no different. See the vast giants of the wild paddling by the stream, relaxing and cooling down in the glistening water .As viewers of my work will notice, when I have water in a painting, I tend to emphasize the movement of the water with streaks of silver.

Part of the reason why I have painted elephants, is because I am an animal lover and I worry about these majestic creatures becoming extinct. Lets treasure these wondrous creatures for how magnificent they are and remember that the best place for ivory is on the elephant, not for home furnishings. For more information on how to help a good cause, please check out Save the Elephants.

If you look even closer, to add an element of interest to this painting, not all the elephants are facing the same way. Click here if you like painting of wild animals and see my long necked giraffes.

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