Colourful Flowers | Artwork

Love Flowers? Take a look at my colourful flowers which have had the Vision Within Art Treatment. These multi coloured flowers came about when I started to do The Flowers of Red Square. I saw how pretty the flowers looked, but I had been wanting to paint Red Square for ages. If anyone has ever seen photographs of Russia’s Red Square, you will know almost immediately how spectacular the buildings in it, are.

So back to my colourful flowers. Can you see how many flowers are in this actual piece? Do you know what type of flowers these are. I can imagine that every artist on the planet has at some point painted flowers, so I felt it was that time for me.Everyone will know of Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflowers and Monet’s Water Lilies. The difference with mine is my use of colour.

Just very recently this art painting has undergone a makeover and not only this, once again it will be about bringing hope and good to the world we live in. If you like my flowers, see below for similar artworks by me, the colour commander.

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