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The Flight of the Phoenix | Artwork

So where do you lie on the colour scale. How much colour courage do you possess? Click here to let me see how courageous you are!!!

Can you see the symbolism of the colourful phoenix bird taking flight. See the phoenix rising from the ashes, trying to escape from the fire that is doom, gloom and despair. This art painting was created first and foremost as a set of four artworks that was going to be donated to the Lee Rigby Foundation. Its intention was one of hope for peace, and was based on my feelings regarding the war that seems to affect the lives of innocent people. My views on this can be read in my blog Manchester and the Sadness of the World I sincerely hope one day that the wars of the world will cease.

The Symbolism of the Colourful Phoenix Bird Taking Flight

The background of this painting is of a clock, which the colourful phoenix bird taking flight away can be seen amongst. To escape from the misery of the world. The clock’s meaning amongst this painting, is that it is time now for peace.As one can see the phoenix is clutching an olive branch the Phoenix in its beak, which is a well known as a symbol of peace.The olive branch completely encircles the whole of the picture. A fair amount of thought went into this painting even before I put paint to canvas, which also symbolises what my Vision Within Art is all about.

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