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Coronation Street Art and the Famous Cobbles by Vision Within Art

The Infamous Cobbles that make up my Coronation Street Art

There is a place in Manchester that is famous beyond words. Travel to the other side of the planet like the United States and everyone will have heard of this amazing street. Coronation Street. There wont be many people who won’t know of the famous cobbles . Corrie is an institution that every Mancunian holds dear. So this is the reason for me to create my latest painting, my coronation street art.

Coronation Street Art in Rememberence of Matthew Hett

This artwork is part of the Manchester Art Tribute, because one of the young victims in the attack was a huge fan of the street with the infamous cobbles. Matthew Hett. I hope, that one day, if my path crosses with his family, they will do me the honour of accepting this artwork, as a positive way to remember this young man, whose life was cut short way to soon.

As you are probably aware of now, Vision Within Art is about symbolism, as much as it is about creating art worthy memorable pieces. Not that the cobbles of Corrie are paved with gold. In fact, not only gold, but metallic red, silver and metallic blue. Can you spot Dev Alahan’s, the railway arches , the Kabin and Underworld and also Kevin Websters Garage?

Here are some other art paintings I have been working hard on, to create my Manchester Art Tribute.



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