The Flowers of Red Square | Art Landscape

My Flowers of Red Square is available for Purchase at my shop on Etsy

There is something about my Red Square Painting that I hold close to my heart. In fact, it is one of my all time favourite paintings. One only has to look at Russia’s Red Square to be blown away by its beautiful and unusual architecture. Pure artwork in itself.

Many artistic greats have included flowers in their creations,so it was timely for me,to add my colourful flowers to the mixture.My aim was to create a painting that would push my artistic boundaries to the limit. I purposely made an artwork that was more linaer, so the flowers can still be seen in the background. My aim was create a piece of work that was an optical illusion and would take guess work from the viewer to see the Vision Within the flowers.

Can you see The Kremlin and the wonderful St Basil’s Cathedral nestled amongst the whirlwind of colourful flowers? I really hope, my Red Square Painting has done the real thing justice. if you want to see the flowers minus the Red Square, just click here.

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