The Giraffes in the Wild | X Marks the Spot!

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I would wholeheartedly say that giraffes are one of the most amazing creatures to roam our vast planet. In my eyes, it defies all logic that the humble giraffe has such a long neck. In fact it goes beyond my comprehension. For this painting,it was very important that the poetic symmetry of these long necked lovelies,was emphasised to the extreme. I’m hoping I have achieved this, with the necks of the the giraffes crossing in the middle. Then the X really will mark the spot.

As these wonderful creatures can be found in Africa, once again, the warm colours, such as pink, yellow and red are used the most to create an eastern feeling to this piece.Creating this piece took longer than I expected as the shape of the giraffe was harder to achieve, then I expected. This was the first time that I used a very vivid pink, but I hope the giraffes in the wild do not look to feminine!!

For people who also like a few facts, here are some weird and unusual bits of information on these unusual animals:

  1. As the tallest land animal, giraffes can grow as tall as 16-18 feet. Elle Macphaerson, eat your heart out!!
  2. They only need about two hours sleep a day. Amazing! It proves that to be beautiful , it can just be done with two hours sleep, so does that make beauty sleep a myth???!!
  3. Ladies, imagine being pregnant for fifteen months? Well the female giraffe well and truly draws the short straw!!

Click here for more unusual Giraffe facts.

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