The Manchester Bee art Painting – A City United Stays Strong

As we all know the Manchester bee is the symbol of our lovely Manchester. Following on from my art painting of A City United, which features the Manchester City Grounds and the Manchester United grounds, I felt it was high time to paint a Vision Within Art Manchester Bee Art Painting.

The Manchester Stars

As with some of my other art paintings of Manchester can you spot the stars that I have included in this painting. These represent the good in the people of Manchester and the strength each and every Mancunian has inside them.  See the symbols that represent the two Manchester football teams, of the city that has really united, not only for the good times, but also because of the recent terror events. The general consensus being to stand strong and united to weed out the deadly terrorism, that is not only happening in Manchester, but worldwide. How I feel about what has happened in Manchester can be read here.

Manchester Art

As with all my art paintings, I found that as I was creating it, the idea process behind it was constantly evolving. I sincerely hope you like what you see and the thought and concepts that have gone into creating this painting. This Manchester Bee is going to form part of Vision Within Art’s Tribute to this attack. A percentage of the proceeds will be going to the Manchester Emergency Fund.


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