The Courage of the Manchester Emergency Services

Courage in Many Guises – The Manchester Emergency Services

In life courage comes in many guises. Sometimes it can be big life changes, such as moving house or starting a new job. Maybe even two big life events at the same time. Generally as a rule though, a person going through these changes, will at least know their safety is a given. But after the Manchester Terror Attack, courage beyond belief was a core characteristic of the general public who got caught up in the awful travesty.

The Manchester Emergency Services – their Courage and Bravery

I feel it is also important to acknowledge the courage of our brave Manchester Emergency Services. The Police, The Ambulance Service and also the Fire Brigade, who were going into the unknown, risking their lives and not knowing if there would be another explosion. We must remember that even though the Emergency Services  have a job to do such as to help the injured and protect the general public, that behind the uniforms of our heroes wear, they are ordinary people.

The People Behind the Uniforms

More specifically they are people who probably, on signing up for their job, never thought they would be putting their lives in danger. They are people, who are other peoples sons and daughters, husbands and wives,and brothers and sisters. They are people, who if they got hurt whilst the terrorism is at its most unsafe and unknown, could leave there families with a legacy of sadness, should they come to harm. They are people, whose job roles have the potential to change their lives, not for the best, but for the worst.

For this reason I feel it is important to acknowledge the Manchester Emergency Services. But why stop there, as where ever in this happens, we rely on our emergency services to help pick up the pieces. To help heal the hurt, and deal with life and death at its most raw. I for one say thank you, through my artwork.

I am aware that there would be other services who were on hand during the tragic event, but my canvas board, would not have been able to fit every single hero on to it.

Here are some other artworks I have created for my Manchester Art Tribute.

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