The View of Exchange Square from the Manchester Arndale

Anyone would think that I love Manchester as yet again I have just completed another Manchester painting for my collection. Artistically painting this piece, was just to tempting to refuse. I was in the Manchester Arndale and as my technical and painting skills improve, I am pushing myself more artistically. I was looking out of the window in the Arndale and at that moment in time, I just thought that what was in front of me would make a great Manchester Painting.

I loved the way the window frames sectioned off all the different pieces of the view I was looking at. So Selfridge’s was in one bit and the old fashioned shambles were in another section. This made getting the proportions of the painting so much easier, as I could calculate where each bit needed to go. On the flip side having to create this piece in smaller sections meant the challenges of the finer art details were harder to execute. Then once the painting was completed, my aim was to give the viewer the impression that they would be looking at the view of exchange square from the window. I hope this has been achieved with the metallic silver that I have used across the whole painting.

I think that with this piece I decided to opt for a more pastel painting, so if you like pastels, please take a look at the following art paintings below


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