New York Cityscape

So which is your favourite New York ? Take your pick here.

Do you love the landscape of New York, or are you amazed by the New york New York cityscape in Las Vegas?? Well if you answer yes to both the above questions, take a look at the bright lights of the great Las Vegas cityscape, brought to life with the Vision Within art style!!.

I’veĀ gone all out to bring the Statue of Liberty to life painting her in the best colour for her – metallic gold! My reason for this is that everyone who sees the glorious Statue of Liberty will know her worth, and not just for the Americans, but for the whole world as one. Look further and also see the theme/pun in this Acrylic Painting. The American flag is made up of Stars and Stripes, so I always knew that when I embarked on the journey of doing my New York Cityscape, highlighting the American Flag with the Statue of Liberty would enhance all that America stands for which can be seen below.

A – Amazingly

M – Magnificient

E – Emphasizing

R – reaching

I – Iconic

C – Courageous

A – Achievements.

If my New York Cityscape appeals to you, also take a look at my Flowers of Red Square, which also conveys a positive message to viewers.


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