The Boat and The Octopus Art Print

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Octopus Art Print

Welcome to my Boat and Octopus Artwork, that is now available on Etsy for purchase as an Octopus Art Print. This lovely art work would really work well for a babies nursery room or an older child’s bedroom. I believe it would also work well in the bathroom area, due to the fact that this artwork is, shall we say on the nautical side!!

My Art Inspiration

Do take a look at how my creation, especially the three octopus’s have smiley cute faces. This Octopus Art Print was originally part of on of my bigger paintings. This art painting was called, The Adventure of the Boat. It was set to Inspire people, who may be afraid to take a risk in life, to discover new lands. I felt that this portion of the full painting was very worth of having its own page in my Art Gallery

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to drop me a line. Clink the link here and you will be directed to my contact page.



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