Manchester’s Selfridges and the Corn Exchange – Home of the Manchester Art Tribute

My Manchester Selfridges Painting is now available to purchase here as a Custom Art Print from my shop. Prices start from just £4.50 for an art print that is totally unique. Choose from having your Magical Manchester in various colours and sizes.  Framing of your precious  Manchester Memorabilia is also an option. Part of my Manchester Art Tribute, whereby there are five Manchester paintings in the tribute. The two that make the most money over will have all the proceeds donated to the I Love Manchester Emergency Fund.

I Love Manchester Emergency Fund

I Love Manchester Emergency Fund

My Manchester Selfridge’s Painting

My love for the glorious city of Manchester continues, so here is another Manchester painting that I have created. Once again the Corn Exchange has taken a central role in this painting again. As I like to push myself artistically, I have started to widen my colour palette to include more pastel colours.

Before I started this, I was in Manchester for the day. The sun was cracking the flags and from an artistic perspective I knew I had artwork gold here. Question :Can you see the Corn Exchange twice in this painting? First of all the actual building itself and then also the Corn Exchange reflected in the wonderful Selfridges of Manchester? All because the sun was creating a great artistic opportunity for me.

No major city centre is the same without people, nor will you ever see a city centre that has no people in it, so realistically I have added in Vision within art people based on my admiration of the wonderful Lowry. See the busy people of Manchester people going about their daily business and see if you can, how many people can you count in this pastel Manchester painting?

And if you really love Manchester as much as I do, check out my other Manchester art painting here. Also my blog on the recent events in our glorious city here.

For more lovely Manchester Urban Landscapes that have had the Vision Within Art Treatment, take a look below. You decide on which one has stolen your heart!!

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