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My Manchester Shambles Painting is now available to view as a Custom Art Print from my  Shop and can be purchased from my Visionwithininartworkshop on Etsy. Prices start from just £4.50 for an Epic piece of my Magical Manchesters. Various colours and sizes are available, with framing as an option. This painting is part of my Manchester art Tribute, whereby, five paintings are in the tribute. The two that make the most profit will have the proceeds donated to the I love Manchester Emergency Fund.

I Love Manchester Emergency Fund

I Love Manchester Emergency Fund


I am a Manchester based artist who really does feel that Manchester is the land of opportunity.Somewhere along the line, Manchester has gotten under my skin, so this has led me to lovingly create my Manchester Art Painting Collection. Numerous people over the years have painted this section of Manchester, but as always my Manchester artwork has to be different. I have done my utmost to keep my Manchester recognisable, but incorporated my colourful signature into this painting.

I love the Corn Exchange and the old fashioned Shambles area which is the heartbeat of this great city. It is really like stepping back in time, when you visit these old fashioned pubs. You only have to look at places such as Chester and its increasing popularity, to realise the shambles of Manchester is just as amazing. These buildings need to be preserved and treasured. In fact not only do we have to preserve these wonderful buildings, but also the heartbeart of this city. This of course, is the people of Manchester.

Hence, why I decided to give Manchester the Vision Within colour treatment .As my artwork is known as the Vision Within Art, my Manchester Art painting also has a symbolic message hidden within it. If you are aware of  tarot cards, you will also know about the Ten of Cups in the Minor Arcana. It symbolically shows a rainbow of cups being gazed at by a happy couple.  As humans , this is what we strive for, contentment, joy and harmony. Instead of cups, I have used stars instead, to create a similar symbolic gesture.

I hope that a moment in time has been captured and remembered. May the stars continue to shine over our glorious city.

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