The Story of the Aeroplane | Words from the Wise

Presenting the Story of the Aeroplane.

Going back only a couple of years ago, I had just picked up my paintbrush again. Before my Art had developed into what is it now, many of my older paintings had art  quotes hidden withineach piece. Hence the name Vision Within Art. One quote in particular resonated with me, and its what I hope for whilst I pursue my art career.

Fly high,

Fly Far

Aim for the Skies

To see the Stars

There are many different takes on the quote above that is mentioned, but I am more interested in the positive aspect of what it presents. See the multicolured aeroplane taking off into the sky. Look at the pot of gold at the end of the colouful rainbow, that is similar to the planes jet stream. Surrounding the piece see the colourful vision within stars, that have become symbolic of what Vision Within is all about. This can definitely be seen as one of my most abstract pieces of art to date.

The original painting is one of my biggest to date measuring at:

36 Inches Width x 24 Inches Length

If stars are your thing or art quotes fill you with joy,  please feel free to take a look at the following paintings below. New to my series of positive feelings presented in my art, see the first two Manchester bees painting that are part of a tribute to my hometown.



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