Which Path Would you Choose? | Artwork

Introducing my colourful abstract car painting,which path would you choose. It is based on the  dilemma that can be seen by the two cars at the start of their journey. As depicted in the painting, the first car that can be seen, has a poor attitude and is very negative in the way he reacts to situations. There is a storm on the path he is heading on with thunder and lightning making his journey more difficult. See the cracks in the road,the tombstones and the deathly church and also a graveyard.The bats are swooping down over the deadly fire. Also to enhance the negativity of his attitude, the colours used were essential to highlight his poor attitude.

But then if you look at the really colourful abstract car painting on the right hand side, you can see a totally different path unfolding right before him. There are treasure chests over spilling with gold, money is raining down on him despite,trying to shelter with an umbrella. The light bulbs show all the great ideas he has had and how his positive outlook will be of great use to him. Spot the symbolic happy ever after castle with shamrocks for flags. Also Note the brightness of the colours seen in this half of the painting.

So as in the Doctor Seuss Rhyme – You have brains in your head, feet in your shoes, you can steer your life, whichever way you choose. Which path would you choose?

We have all faced the dilemmas of the two cars. For colourful painting similar to this with the colourful quotes and hidden messages see Look Back and Winners Never Quit.

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