Winners Never Quit | Artwork

When the going gets tough remember the winners never quit colourful quote by Vince Lombardi. Find the Vision Within Art on my very first piece.

Winner’s never quit and quitter’s never win.

Here is where my art journey began. I would say that this artwork is my most abstract painting that I have done to date, but somehow it works to create emphasis on a message that needs to be spread.

About my Winners Never Quit Colourful Quote

Orphism is a key component of this painting with a strong sense of circular and graphical elements within this piece. Flowers are used to symbolise how an individual will blossom if they never quit. See the butterfly spread its wings and remember the butterfly is symbolic of hope and endurance. I feel so strongly about this message, that my aim is for the world to know my Vision Within Art message, which can be seen on my Facebook Page.

I have done other artworks for the colourful quotes collection. These include The Tree of Life, which talks about actions speaking louder than words. Look Back which is about how if we always look back, we lose sight of what is ahead. Not to mention Which Path would you Choose? which is based on a quote by Dr Seuss. We have brains in our head, feet in our shoes, we can steer our life, whichever way we choose. Take a quick look below to see the artworks mentioned.

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