The art rollercoaster to my very first art commission

The road to becoming an artist extraordinairre is a rollercoaster. As a wise man once said, Life is a rollercoaster, just gotta ride it. Can any one guess the wise man? I will let reveal this at the end of this blog!

Career change to become an Artist

So making a huge career change is one of the most stressful things I have done to date. Especially without a crystal ball and knowing what the future holds. There have been a fair few signs, which I will no doubt talk about in the future, but on the whole there have been times where I have felt really overwhelmed. Where I have not been able to see the wood for trees.

Knock backs, can really dent your confidence, but some where along the lines you just have to believe in yourself. An example of this is the art galleries either not replying to me or knocking me back without giving me any advice on where I need to improve. With hindsight, after being really upset about this, I have had to change my focus to what I do have going right in my life.

Art as Home Decor

This includes my house being furnished with all my lovely colourful urban artworks of Manchester and London, (which at the start of the journey was all I set out to do. Ie have some really colourful art paintings in my house, that I couldn’t find in home decor shops).  So at worst I have some gorgeous original artworks dotted all over my house. On the flip side, at best, the determination to get my art career up and running and earn a living from it, whilst also putting something good back into the world along the way.

My best news is that a lady on the internet has loved my work so much, she has become my very first art commission. This for me is a huge vote of confidence for me.  It means that this is the start of the road to a new beginning. Maybe Rome wasn’t built in a day, but the journey of a thousand miles, starts with the first step.

My Art Brief

So this lady is a Reiki Master and wanted some colourful art work in her shop. It has been important to her to have the Five Principles of Reiki in the art and to have it stand out. Chakras included to!! See progress being made in the little gallery I have created


Ps the wise man is Ronan Keating!!!!



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