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Inspirational Art Paintings

I reckon it is the time of year where people will benefit from reading the poems and quotes that make up my Inspirational Art Paintings. This is me trying to reach out to people at a time of year, that is really difficult for some. The people, who may not be surrounded by twenty other people on Christmas Day.  The media presents this image that says, we all have to be happy, drink tons of alcohol and have a really good time. This really doesn’t take into account the people, who are spending Christmas alone, with past memories of how it used to be. This is even for people, who are so worried about the future and cannot see a brighter future.

Time Is Precious – Spend it Wisely

One thing this year has made me realise, is that time really does fly. I remember it being the start of 2017 just like it was yesterday, and I wonder how we got to the end of the year so quickly. It is for that very reason, that I think, that time is so precious and it needs to be spent wisely.

Every minute that passes, is a moment that is gone, and you can’t get  back. So even if you are not big on resolutions, this is one you should always keep in your mind. None of us  know, just what is round the corner, so spend your time wisely. Make time for your family and friends.

My reason for creating inspirational art paintings, is because life doesn’t always run smoothly. If we expect it to be a bed of roses, day in, day out,that is quite unrealistic of us. If we never had the hard times in life, we would never really appreciate the good times that we have. If there is no darkness, we would not know when it is light. The motivational art quotes help me on a day to day basis, to try and fulfil my dreams.

I whole heartedly believe you need the three p’s in life – perseverance, perseverance, perseverance.  It is how you deal with the cards you are given in life, that may make all the difference to your future.  Sometimes there are things that you know are worth fighting for. My Vision Within Art is this, and so is my Manchester Art Tribute.

The Story of the Aeroplane – Inspirational art Paintings and Quotes

Here is a bit more Positive Mental Attitude ,that my Vision Within Art is all about. See the Story of the Aeroplane, which is based on a quote by the wonderful Dr Seuss, who would cleverly make his quotes rhyme. I’m taking a leaf out of your book here!! So people, be that aeroplane, taking off into the sunset and finding your own paradise (the beach with the palm trees, in this art painting)

Fly High, Fly Far, Aim for the Sky, To See the Stars.

If you are a fan of Dr Seuss and his wonderful quotes, click here for more.


Actions Speak Louder Than Words – Another Quote That has a Part in my Inspirational Art Paintings

Every action you do, will have some sort of effect on the those around you. Depending on the action, the results may still be known ten or twenty years down the road. All I can say, is make sure your actions are for the good of those around you. Make sure your actions have heart.

Spot the Vision Within one of my Inspirational Art Paintings - Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Stand Tall, and Hold your Head High

The Statue of Liberty or Lady Liberty, as I like to call her,  has made it into my Inspirational art paintings poem for Numerous reasons. She stands tall and proud, and is everything inspirational to the people of the United States of America. She is the all seeing eye, of following your dreams and the having freedom to be the positive change we want to see in the world. Notice how she is looking straight ahead, and never down on the citizens of America.

If we always look back, we lose sight of what is ahead. A thought from Justin Sims, that holds great meaning to me. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look back and not learn from past mistakes, as sometimes this is necessary so you can move forward in life. So look back, and learn, and then move forward! Realistically, life is tough, but there is nothing wrong with having hope in your soul for a better tomorrow. Especially if this then becomes the driving force to get the better tomorrow. No one really has a crystal ball to see into the future, unless you are Psychic, lol!!! As hard and depressing your yesterdays may have been, it simply doesn’t mean your tomorrow will be the same.

So people, if 2017 has not been the most amazing year for you, do your best to not let it dictate your future and the upcoming year. Personally I think 2018 will be a brilliant year, as it is an even number! Lastly, Rome was not built in a day. Just take a look at how amazing Rome is today. Sometimes amazing things don’t happen over night. They taking planning and small bite sized steps, on a regular basis. Remember my fellow colour comrades, Winners Never Quit, and Quitters never Win.

On that note people, thank you for taking the time to read this blog. More of my blogs can be found here. I hope this helps you realise, what Vision Within Art is all about.

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