• Parralax Art Fair in London

A piece of advice, I have been given on a fair few occasions is to attend an art fair.  So I have bit the bullet and will be heading down to Chelsea in a couple of months time. Honestly, this will be a bit of a nail biting time for me, as my art paintings will be showcased to people who have an avid interest in art. It really does feel like it will be a make or break time for me.

To frame or not to frame at the Parralax Art Fair

The one thing weighing heavily on my mind is presentation. To frame or not to frame, that is the question. So far I have settled on applying a high gloss spray to the art paintings I will be taking with me. I have also been concerned about the size of art canvas paintings I should take with me to the art fair but seeing as I only have a limited space available I won’t be able to showcase my large Red Square painting! I suppose it is all a learning curve and the only way to learn is to try! After all, the biggest risk in life, is to not take any risks!!

To do list for the London Art Fair

Get business cards done.

Have a price set up to offer customers the chance to purchase my artwork as art prints and art canvases.

Hopefully have my website as ecommerce to give prospective customers the easiest way to purchase my artwork in any size that they choose.

Have my Facebook shop ready to go!

Get my photographer Stephen to take high resolution pictures of my artwork.

The paintings that will be travelling down with me can be viewed here. I would really appreciate your opinion on the work that will be travelling down with me. The majority of the paintings will be A4 sized or slightly smaller.


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